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Towpath Exhibition 2015

This year's exhibition was great fun on the Sunday and although it was forecast,

the rain held off and we enjoyed a pleasant day. I was lucky to be visited by both friends and family and to my delight some of Eyework's patients came to say hello.

Unfortunately no sales were made but there was a lot of interest in my work and two people said they may buy later.

The Monday was very disappointing and although a few of us showed up at 8.30am to set up it was drizzling and so we decided to visit a cafe in Bridge Street near Hampton Court, where we enjoyed a couple of hours chatter along with breakfast, whilst waiting for a change in the weather. We eventually gave up and went home at about 11.30. promising to look again around

At about 2.30 the grey skies had lifted and following a round of telephone calls a few of us ventured down to set up. As the forecast was not good we kept our paintings covered with polythene.(which did nothing to show off the high gloss of my resin paintings) There were not many people out that afternoon and by 4.30 we were cold, wet and depressed so we cleared up and went home. Such a shame as there is a lot of work put in to display our paintings and the weather foiled us again as it did last year on the Monday.

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